Oil Leaks and How to Handle Them

Oil Leaks and How to Handle Them

A slick, dark spot of liquid appears beneath your vehicle; an oil leak. It could be a minor repair, or it might be something more serious. Below are the most common reasons your engine is leaking oil and what to do about it.

Too Much Oil

The reason for a vehicle's oil leak could be as simple as overfilling the engine. Check the oil level by pulling out the dipstick under the hood of the vehicle. If it is slightly above the maximum fill mark, it's usually OK to leave it. If the engine is overfilled by more than a quart, the best course of action is to drain and refill the oil to a proper level.

Damaged Parts

Broken gaskets, loose filler caps and plugs, or worn-out filters can all contribute to an oil leak. If any of these parts are improperly fitted, they could be contributing to your vehicle's loss of oil. If you do a lot of backroad driving, the oil pan located on the underside of the vehicle may be harmed. A quick visit to Auto Repair Specialist in San Rafael will find and fix the damage. If you have found the source of the leak, adding a leak stop additive may tide the vehicle before further repairs are needed.

Whatever the source of the oil leak may be, it's important to take action. Leaving an oil leak unchecked for too long can have serious consequences for your vehicle, including causing damage to the engine, radiator, and HVAC system. Larger oil slicks are potential fire hazards and can negatively impact local plants and animal species.

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Posted: June 30, 2021

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