Our San Rafael Auto Experts Explain How To Deal With a Damaged Tire

Our San Rafael Auto Experts Explain How To Deal With a Damaged Tire

Our San Rafael Auto Experts Explain How To Deal With a Damaged TireTire damage occurs when we least expect it, whether it's finding a nail in your tire or having a blowout on the highway. We've described ways to determine whether your tire needs to be repaired or replaced below. If your tire has been damaged, bring your vehicle to Auto Repair Specialist in San Rafael, CA, so that one of our trained specialists can inspect the damage as soon as possible.

What To Do If Your Tire Is Punctured

A plug will serve as a temporary remedy if you have the supplies and plan to drive your vehicle straight to the nearest tire repair facility. Tire plugs should only be driven on for eight to ten miles. A tire plug works by tightly sealing the tire's hole, preventing water and air from escaping or seeping into the tire. To plug a hole, you must first remove the object that caused the puncture.

When Should You Replace a Damaged Tire?

When considering tire damage, the most critical factor to consider is safety. If the tire has been punctured, the hole must be smaller than 1/4 inch in diameter to be mended properly. If the sidewall or shoulder of the tire is punctured, it must be replaced. Severe damage, such as tread separation or extensive gashes, is impossible to restore. The technician will be able to decide if the tire needs to be fixed or replaced once you bring your car in for an inspection.

Tire Sales and Repairs in San Rafael

The expert mechanics at Auto Repair Specialist provide professional tire repair and sales in San Rafael for all kinds of vehicles. We have name brands that you know and trust, such as Cooper, Hankook, Michelin, and Toyo. We also offer many tire services, such as flat tire repair, tire balancing, and tire rotation. To learn more about our extensive services, or to schedule professional auto repair in San Rafael and the surrounding areas, give us a call at (415) 612-3933 today.

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Posted: May 2022

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