Symptoms of AC Failure Explained by Our San Rafael Auto Shop

Symptoms of AC Failure Explained by Our San Rafael Auto Shop

Symptoms of AC Failure Explained by Our San Rafael Auto ShopWith spring just around the bend, ensuring sure your car's air conditioning is in good working order is undoubtedly at the top of your priority list. If yours isn't, have a look at some common problems and how to fix them. If your vehicle needs AC repair or recharging this season, visit Auto Repair Specialist in San Rafael, CA, for quick and reliable service.

Air Isn't Cold

There could be an electrical fault causing the air conditioner to short-circuit if it just blows moderately cool air. If you recently topped off your car's coolant reserves, there could be a leak.

AC Has an Odor

There could be several reasons why your car smells like a wet shoe. Mildewy odors are usually produced by bacteria that thrive beneath vents. You might smell a sour stench if the air filter hasn't been replaced in a while. The presence of chemical scents could signal a leak.

AC Won't Turn On or Off

It's almost unbearable to get into your car on a hot day and discover that your air conditioner won't turn on. However, there is usually a simple explanation. Oftentimes, a defective or faulty component is to blame. A worn-out fan is the most common cause.

You may also experience the opposite issue, in which your air conditioner continues to operate after you have turned off your vehicle. If you leave it on for too long, the battery will quickly drain. A faulty sensor, relay, or fuse could be the source of this problem. Unplug the battery when you turn off your car to save energy while you wait to take your car in for repairs.

AC Repair and Recharging in San Rafael

The expert mechanics at Auto Repair Specialist provide professional AC repair in San Rafael for all kinds of vehicles. If you've noticed an issue with how your AC is running, come see us. To learn more about our extensive services, or to schedule professional auto repair in San Rafael and the surrounding areas, give us a call at (415) 612-3933 today.

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Posted: March 2022

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